How to make your write-ups well accepted by peers

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Your write-up is worth only if it is accepted by the peers. All of your efforts get wasted if they are not well written, or your mentor is not satisfied with your work. You need to make a thorough planning before starting your work. In this blog, we will put some insight on how to plan your work.

You need to follow some basic points while preparing your dissertation or thesis writing.

  1. You should have knowledge from where to take the information.
    There are number of global sources, from where you can easily collect the information for your write-ups. You just need to have some knowledge of: where to find it right!
  2. Selecting the right resources
    Do not run behind what is said or written. Keep an eye on the fact. You will find number of sources to collect information. What you need to do is to identify the right. Categorize them by their functions. Only choose, if they are relevant to the subject.
  3. Choosing from effective databases
    Databases are the best collections of references. They always have consistent data. You just need to find the right library database related to your work. There could be number of subjects listed in the library database. You can visit page to have a look how databases listed in libraries could be.
  4. Making effective use of library catalogues
    The electronic library catalogues hold details for recent book and journal periodical titles. There you can easily find information from about year 1980 onwards. Nevertheless, you will need to make sure what it holds before you search.
  5. Taking help from search engines
    Now-a-days search engines are acting as goddess of all searches. Search engines like Google and Yahoo etc. can ease your work like almost done. There are number of websites listed there in one single topic or search. Again, you have to make sure that data collected from there should be relevant for academic work.

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