Ghostwriting in Dissertation

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Ghostwriting is like doping. Technically it is cheating, but everybody does it.”

Dr Thomas Nemet

Though ethically questionable, ghostwriting is allowed in most places. This advantageous legislative loophole has a very large base of students and companies availing its services from time and again.

Dissertation plays an important role in a student’s academic career. Given today’s fast-track world economy, keeping up with the academic challenges seems to be a backbreaking task. With the finals around the corner, they are sure to raise an array of questions and trigger a wave of nervousness among stressed-out college students. The common black cloud hovering over students’ heads is writing a dissertation.

Ghostwriting is a writing service that takes care of a student’s academic papers and helps eliminate the worry and stress from a student’s mind. According to a recent survey, ghostwriting service has gone up by 80 percent in one year. Despite the procedures in place to check for plagiarism to stop students passing off someone’s work as their own, students are still finding new ways to cheat the education system, and have been successful too.However, ghostwriting service did see a dip by 60 percent in some places according to Turnitin.

So, who are the students opting for ghostwriting service? It is mostly the students who face difficulty with the English language. According to a study, it is the non-native speakers who prefer ghostwriting owing to the trouble they face in writing in English. It is agreed that academic writing is complex and such pressure can contribute to an imbalance in competition levels.

Keeping the ethical aspect aside, ghostwriting has helped many students acquire a college degree but at the same time, students have been caught in the act of cheating as well. Due to bottlenecked schedules and heavy workload, students are driven to engage in ghostwriting. Colleges and universities strive for a plagiarism-free academics but ghostwriting is making the goal very difficult to achieve.

Ghostwriting does terrorize the academic world, but the irony of getting a degree is cardinal to students and not the methods to acquiring it. As long as academic pressure occupies a central position in most students’ minds, ghostwriting will continue to flourish with zero regards to the moral qualms accompanying it. Just as arms manufacturers cannot be blamed for what people do with their products, ghostwriting cannot be pinpointed for decisions made by students.

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