How proofreading can save your dissertation from rejection

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After submitting the first draft of your dissertation and incorporating the review comments, it is probably time to submit your final dissertation. It is where maximum university students miss out on the most important step, which is to proofread your document. The majority of university-level dissertations get rejected simply because they have not been proofread.

So, in spite of your strict deadlines, why is it still important to allow some time for your dissertation to be proofread? Here are a few reasons:

  • To check the completeness of your dissertation:
    An important task under proofreading is to read your complete write-up carefully to examine if it is complete. Has any valuable information been missed out? Check if the introduction conveys the objective of your dissertation and the following sections elaborate the objectives.
  • To check the accuracy of your writing:
    In addition to spelling check, proofreading checks for usage of improper grammar, along with incorrect punctuation. Proofreading ensures the usage of the right words to convey the information to the reader. Any reader must be able to focus on the content material, rather than to get distracted by errors in your writing.
  • To check the reading ease of your dissertation:
    Your dissertation must be easy to read. Proofreading checks for the consistency of your written language. A proof-reader checks for the flow of words and sentences and suggests alternatives to the sentence construction to make it consistent with the rest of the document. Proofreading also checks for proper formatting that can improve the readability of your dissertation.
  • To ensure that your dissertation is properly edited:
    Editing a document is a part of proofreading. Proofreading checks for repetition of information or any information that is redundant. Additionally, it checks if the content appears at the right place in your document flow.
  • Ensures that you take your writing skills seriously:
    A well-written and proofread dissertation conveys that you are serious about your writing skills. The constant habit of proofreading ensures that any written material submitted by you (such as emails, resume, or a correspondence letter) will also be checked for the above points.

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