Higher education opens up a panorama of knowledge and doing the related research or field work gives a sense of purpose to our academic inclinations. However with higher education also comes the responsibility of submitting dissertations, which could be every six month requirement, or a yearly requirement, primarily dependent on the universities rules and regulations. Dissertations can be one amongst the difficult tasks that one will encounter during this course.

During the research we do a lot of analysis of the results we get, we try to find the gaps in the existing studies, give a direction and purpose to the work done. All of these need to be put together in a cohesive form which appeals the academic community. The use of language in a dissertation should be such that it reflects the originality and novelty of the work with the correct use of academic language.

Dissertations are usually kept for the last minute; usual tendency of a student is to keep postponing the writing work and this many a times leads to the loss of valuable data. Many students find it difficult to put together their thoughts and findings in a cohesive form, which many a times leads to the rejection of a dissertation.

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