What can you expect from defense of dissertation proposal?

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Defense of dissertation proposal, is an important step in completing the dissertation for your doctorate degree. This your chance to convince the committee regarding the importance and need research on the topic you have selected.

Prior to the defense of dissertation proposal, you have to submit your proposal to the committee and prepare for presentation followed by a question answer session. The main objective is to get approval for your research. Here are a few points on how to prepare for it.

Foundation of proposal
The proposal is the road map to your research. By building proposal on a solid foundation, you ensure better success in the defense. The title, abstract, introduction, objective, literature review, statement of research, research methodology, discussion and bibliography are the main elements of  the proposal which  lay the logic of the proposal to the people reading it. Incorporate the table of content and review it to check if you have included all the heading.

Prepare for the presentation
The presentation on the proposal should focus on what the study is, its relevance in the field of study, your research play and the timelines in which you intend to complete the work. Make sure your presentation covers all points to convince the committee on its importance and receive funding for it. Prepare yourself thoroughly, so that you don’t need to refer to notes while giving the presentation. This will exhibit your confidence and your in-depth understanding about the topic.

Prepare for the question answer session
Following the presentation the committee will identify possible problems in your proposal and ask you questions during the question answer session. The committee will also explore ways on how to improve your research methodology. Prepare the answers in advance and give a detail about how you will make the progress with your research.

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