Writing A Research Proposal For Your PhD Successfully

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Admissions counsellors, potential supervisors, research guides, etc. make use of the research proposal of a person to assess the originality of the ideas of the person submitting it along with their creative abilities. The feasibility of the research would also be known to you when they assess your research proposal.


The title should be descriptive and concise. The title should be clear so that it describes the relationship between the independent and the dependent variables in your research. A title that is effective not only gets the interest of the readers, but it also turns them in favour of your dissertation.


The introduction provides an idea of what your dissertation is all about to the readers of your research proposal. Framing the research proposal is one of the major problems faced by those writing the research proposal. The research question may appear uninteresting and trivial if the literature review is long and takes more pages than the introduction. Unfortunately, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to writing a research question. A lot of how you should write depends on your creativity.

Literature review

The literature review is incorporated at times in the introduction itself. Make sure that you are not simply reinventing the wheel while writing a literature review. A good literature review will give full credits to all those authors, who have been instrumental in laying the foundation for your research. It will convince your reader that your research will make an important contribution to literature.

Research methods

This section is one of the most important parts of a research proposal since it will tell the readers of your proposal or your research committee how you intend to tackle or handle your research problem. You could also justify why alternate methods of research can be effective.

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